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Selected works

’Jag är här nu’
Spoken word record with Swedish lyrics. Texts by Truls Nord, voice by Jessica Pellegrini, music by Daniel Bingert. Listen at Bandcamp.

12 videos for mental recreation, distributed to the citizens of Nacka council through a folder (in Swedish).

Rock and photo. Installation at Edsvik konsthall / Edsvik Art Gallery.

Tactile photographs, rock/metal, sound installation, visual installation.
Exhibition at Nacka konsthall / Nacka Art Gallery.

Just a Minute’ (excerpt)
Video installation that consists of 60 one-minute scenes. Edsvik konsthall / Edsvik Art Gallery.

Nøstet #3
Ink jet photograph. Commission for Vizbygg in Bergen.

The Self
Collodion photograph on glass, wood, lamp, hammer with golden head.
Text: ’Contemplation of impermanence abandons the illusion of permanence’.
Konstnärshuset, Stockholm.

Tactile photograph. Commission for the Eye Clinic at Karlstad Central Hospital.

Skatten’ (’The Treasure’)
Recycled wood, hemp rope covered with beeswax from my own beehive.
Installation in forest outside of Stockholm.

Year’s end, all

Jonas Kullhammar Quartet – A Love Supreme in Frankfurt
Documentary film, 2011

My second TEDx talk.
A short apropos about the significance of context when using photography for storytelling.

Tactile photo
My TEDx talk about the Taktil foto project.

Brevet’ (The Letter)
Video. Text by Harry Martinsson.