Selected works

Videos. Work in progress – (in Swedish)

Rock and photo. Installation at Edsvik konsthall / Edsvik Art Gallery

Tactile photographs, rock/metal, sound installation, visual installation.
Exhibition at Nacka konsthall / Nacka Art Gallery

Just a Minute’ (excerpt)
Video installation that consists of 60 one-minute scenes.

Nøstet #3
Ink jet photograph. Commission for Vizbygg in Bergen.

The Self
Collodion photograph on glass, wood, lamp, hammer with golden head
Text: ‘Contemplation of impermanence abandons the illusion of permanence’
Konstnärshuset, Stockholm.

Tactile photograph. Commission for the Eye Clinic at Karlstad Central Hospital.

Skatten’ (‘The Treasure’)
Recycled wood, hemp rope covered with beeswax from my own beehive.
Installation in forest outside of Stockholm.

Year’s end, all

Tactile photo
My TEDx talk about the project.

Brevet‘ (The Letter)
Video. Text by Harry Martinsson.